Join us on Wednesday 4 March at 1pm when evening ZB talk show host Marcus Lush will share anecdotes of his life and passions, including from his adventures filming travel shows in New Zealand and around the world.

With a long and established career as a talk-back radio and television host, Marcus Lush made his first forays into television in the 1990s. But it was a 2003 episode of travel show Intrepid Journeys, where he spent time amongst the pyramids and camels of Egypt, that set him on a new broadcasting path. Marcus went on to win acclaim and awards for Off the Rails, which followed the trainspotting Lush as he ventured from his transplanted hometown of Bluff to Opua in the North. Since then, Marcus has travelled in varying directions for shows ICE, North, and South.

These days Marcus lives in his beloved Bluff with his family, from where he hosts the night-time talkback show on NewstalkZB.