See inside one of our beautiful modern homes...

See inside one of our modern homes

Meet our

Have a listen to what our lovely residents have to say, while they give you a glimpse of life within our beautiful villages; Knightsbridge, Mayfair, Mt Eden Gardens, Ocean Shores, Parklane, and Peninsula Club.

“It‘s a very, very pleasant way to live, and great fun.”
Jan Jennings
Knightsbridge Village
“You‘ve got all the benefits of living in a private house, without half the responsibilities.”
Hugh & Raewyn Nettleton
Knightsbridge Village
“If we won lotto tomorrow, we wouldn‘t move out of this village, because we couldn‘t see how we could better this.”
Bob & Maureen Hines
Knightsbridge Village
“It‘s really like a little suburb, it‘s just got a very pleasant feeling.”
Ruth & Doug Astley
Mayfair Village
“My friends cannot get over the difference in me since I‘ve been here. I‘m so much more relaxed. I smile a lot, I laugh a lot.”
Karen Meldrum
Mayfair Village
“The aim was to establish friendly, giving relationships and that has been one of the features of this village.”
Alix Wiren
Mayfair Village
“Our family say it‘s the best thing we‘ve ever done. They never have to worry about us, because they know we‘re safe.”
Neill & Pauline Coleman
Ocean Shores Village
“Everything‘s taken care of. You‘ve got so much time to go and do what you really want.”
Diane & Ken Harrison
Ocean Shores Village
“Greatest move I‘ve ever made in my life.”
Jim Gibson
Ocean Shores Village
“The experience we‘ve had here has been nothing but positive.”
Welly Choy
Parklane Village
“We‘ve made lovely friends here, more friends here than what we ever did.”
Ron & Alison Clarke
Parklane Village
“We‘ve gone onto a fixed fee system, so we now know that what we pay a month, will never change.”
Nancy Nielsen
Parklane Village
“This is like a Club Med for older people.”
Phil Dean
Peninsula Club
“I can close my door at night and know I am secure. Since being here I‘ve never had to think about safety of any sort.”
Pauline Friend
Peninsula Club
“As soon as we walked in the door, and saw the size and the fact that it opens out onto a garden, we knew that this was the one.”
Doug & Diane Saxon
Peninsula Club